Yoga came into my life through a dear friend nearly twenty years ago. My first Yoga class was a battle with my mind to stay focused and free from self-consciousness. What brought me back to a second class was a sense that Yoga could connect me to my inner nature and bring increased enjoyment of daily life. I wasn’t disappointed. My teacher taught me that Yoga is an effort to touch the inner clear space of good feeling and that we can become established in that blissful space even during our daily activities. I am a passionate educator, holding a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Melbourne, and have been a committed art and music teacher in the private and public sectors for 20 years as well as teaching Yoga. Through this experience, I have fine-tuned the ability to explain complex actions in an easy to understand, clear manner. In classes I aim to share the approaches that the great yogis have passed down to us in a tangible, experiential and contemporary way. I would recommend my classes to anyone with a holistic expectation of Yoga and who wish to bring deeper peace, contentment and self-acceptance into their lives.  I invite all to dive deep into this strong, rich and enduring tradition of Yoga.